Selecting the best real estate investment operator…

  • What is their business approach?
  • How well do they understand their market?
  • How would you rate their customer service?
  • Are they calculating their projections correctly?
  • How long have they been in business?

Turnkey Properties

Buyer purchases a renovated property, tenant is already in place, and cash is flowing. As the buyer, you have the option of managing the property on your own or using property management.

The first step is having a vision for your future…

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Wholesale Deals

After you purchase a discounted property from HNG in as-is condition, we will assist you with renovating, renting or reselling the property for a profit.

Fund A Deal

You provide capital for the flip deal, operating solely as a lender. Upon successful completion of the project, you will receive your initial investment plus a fixed rate of return.

Joint Venture

You provide capital for the flip deal, while forming a joint venture with HNG. Upon successful completion of the project, you will receive a percentage of the net profit.

New Developments

These are bigger deals; $5-8 mil / 50-80 units. Market rate deals or public private partnership targeting niche urban areas in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Investment Process

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(if applicable)

Purchase Property

Collect Your Monthly Paycheck

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“I was granted a six figure settlement on my car accident and I was making poor decisions with the money because I had no idea on how to invest it. I didn’t want to invest in stocks, because they are confusing. I was referred to the Holly Nance Group by a friend of my father. They provided me options I didn’t know existed. I now have a nice nest egg and funds to send my three kids to college.”
Kim F.
“Holly Nance Group is the best kept secret in the real estate investing world!”
Lee K.
“After seeing Holly Nance do 100’s of deals through my title company I approached them to see if they could put some money to work for me. I have profited enormously off every transaction. To make these kinds of returns from a well collateralized investment is unheard of.”
Ken M.